MyClubtap is Australia's 1st fantasy platform for grassroot sporting clubs and leagues. One single platform, that provides community clubs and leagues an easy way to have their own fantasy leagues, paves way for a brand new digital avenue for fundraising, enhance engagement with family, friends and fans, foster mentoring opportunities between clubs own players and a new avenue to promote clubs own local sponsors.

A game of skill, MyClubtap offers sport clubs and leagues fans a platform to showcase their club sport knowledge, by creating their own fantasy team of real local club players, score fantasy points based on the players on-field performances and compete with every other fan and follower of their favorite clubs in a battle for bragging rights, banter and prizes offered by the respective clubs and leagues.

MyClubtap enables direct connect and higher engagement of clubs fans and followers with community sports, enabling them to follow club players who may be one of their own. They may themselves not play community sport, but can now become an owner of a fantasy team and follow their favorite local sports and stars.

Our Vision

To be the home of fantasy sports for grassroots sport.

Our Mission

To empower communities to connect, collaborate, participate and thrive through grassroots sporting clubs.

MyClubtap: Fantasy for Sports Clubs, Leagues and