• Favorites Filter - Dropdown with a list of your favorite games;

  • Lobby - Home of the selected fantasy game;

  • Cost - Free and Open for all users (or applicable as set by the game owner);

  • Format - Season Long Contest;

  • Salary - $100 million;

  • Team Size - Pick 11 players;

  • Captain - Earns 2 times the points;

  • Vice-Captain - Earns 1.5 times the points;

  • Team Limit - 1 per registered user;

  • Game Trades - 20 free trades* per season;

  • Powers - 4 types available for use*;

  • Duration - Decided by the club/league owner;

  • *Settings are dependent upon the setup by the game owner;

  • Help Guides - See articles on the Knowledge Center

  • Need Help? - Raise a ticket or email 



  • Sign Up and Login to get access to all the fantasy games available on MyClubtap;

  • Add game to your favorites list on My Games;

  • Your Lobby is designed to personalize your experience and give you data based on your favorite game only;

  • Games added to your favorite list are available on your favorites filter on the menu bar (next to your profile photo);

  • You can easily switch between your favorite games through your favorites filter;

  • You can edit and change your favorite games at any time by going to 'My Games' page;

  • Set a game on My Games page as your default, so every time you login, you are directly taken to the Lobby of your favorite game.

Screenshot: Lobby