This information is for Game Admin(s) only, looking to set-up the fantasy game in Club or League mode.

Login on your sport and click on 'Admin Portal' link under your image at the top-right corner, which should directly take you to the admin portal of your game.

Step 1: Games


  • Enter basic details on all required fields.
  • Set a Game Name for your fantasy game.
  • Set a time zone for your game.
  • Set your game Start and End dates.
  • Add the links to your social channels (if available).
  • Add a description/welcome note about your game in the 'About Game' section.
  • Add an entry fees amount (if required) in the 'Entry Fee' box.
  • Add information about your entry fees collection in the 'Entry Fee Info' box.


  • Create a list of grades whose match scores would be included in your game.

Point System

  • Press 'Save' to apply the default Point System for your game.
  • Use the default point system or create your own by making the required changes to the Point System (as required).
  • Once the game has started, the point system CANNOT be changed.
  • Pay and activate Grade Point System premium add-on to set a different point system for each grade (which apply to the teams linked with each of those grades).


  • Create teams which are associated with one of the grades created above.


  • Create all fixtures for each of the team created above.
  • You can create matches in one go, or create at-least 1 now to proceed.
  • Use the Import Fixtures function to import your list of Fixtures.
  • Make sure to create all matches before the start of your season, or create upcoming matches before the lockout each week.
  • During the season, you can make score entries through each fixture, more details on how to perform score entries would be made available soon.


  • Use the default game structure of 11 players per team.
  • Should you like to use a different structure, select the required option.
  • Do not change this setting once this has been set and the game is active.


  • Create all players who would be playing in teams created above during your season.
  • Use the Import Players function to import your list of Players.

Lockout (is the game lockout window)

  • The period during which the game will be locked out each week.
  • All score updates on matches played by the players are performed during this time.
  • Users cannot make changes during this time-period.
  • Set the weekly lockout window for your game.
  • This lockout window takes effect after/on the season start date set in Step 1..


  • Edit and activate the prize type you would like to share with your users.
  • If you are giving away no prizes, leave all options as in-active.

Step 2: Premium Add-Ons (optional)


  • This is a paid add-on (optional)
  • Sell the rights to your fantasy game to a sponsor.
  • Pay and activate branding to give exclusive visibility to the branding rights owner on exclusive spaces within your fantasy game (optional);
  • You can pay and activate Branding at any time.
  • One-time activation fees of $50 applies.

Power Control

  • Activate and manage all Powers for your game.
  • You can set your own limits on the number of free trades allowed to users in your game.
  • You can set your own limits on the use of powers in your game.
  • One-time activation fees of $30 applies.

Game User Control

  • Manage the number of users who can join your game.
  • By default, 50 users are allowed to join the game.
  • One-time activation fees of $10 applies.

Grade Point System

  • Setup a different point system for each grade.
  • Set a different point system is applicable to performances of players in each team linked with that grade.
  • Add your club/league sponsors (optional).

Bracket Battle

Feedback Fantasy

Bonus Card

Team of the Week

Game Scorer

  • Get score updates of the matches to be performed for your fantasy game by a team member of MyClubtap.
  • One-time fee of $100 for the entire duration of your game. 

Social Media

  • allows you to get a weekly game update poster for you to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • One-time fee of $50 for the entire duration of your game.

Step 4: Free Add-Ons (optional)

Player of the Match

Match Result Bonus


  • Add unavailability of players who are unavailable at certain times during the season.
  • You can add/deactivate unavailability of players at any time. 

Verify Users (Mapping)

  • Map the users of your game to their player profile in the game (optional).
  • Allows you to get the users to directly update a few details of their own player profile.
  • You can assign/revoke Verified users access at any time.


  • Assign Scorer access to end users of your game, who can assist you in Score updates for matches (optional).
  • Scorer get the ability to enter score for matches of the team assigned to them only.
  • Scorers have no access to any other option of your admin portal.
  • You can assign/revoke Scorer access at any time.


  • Add your club/league sponsors (optional).


  • Edit and activate the prize type you would like to share with your users.
  • If you are giving away no prizes, leave all options as in-active.
  • Enter a message in the Prizes Message section for the 'i' information icon on the prizes section.

Step 3: Game Activation

  • Click on your name on top-right corner and go to Game Settings.
  • Click on the first 'Blue Tick' button to activate your game.
  • Once activated, your game is available to users on

Step 5: Help & Support

Step 6: Book Intro Session