Games > Grades > Point System

  • Press 'Save' to apply the use of default MyClubtap Point System on the game
  • Update the Point System if you would like to make any changes, if you do not want to make any changes, you can simply press 'Save' button
  • Note: The point system can be set differently for each Position (Example - In Cricket: For Batters, Bowlers, All-Rounders & Wicket-Keepers)
    • If, you want the same point system for everyone: Set the same point system under all the options of each Position/Category.
    • If you leave a box blank, no points would be awarded for that option to the player for his/her performance
  • Click 'Save Points' to finish.
  • Want to set a different point system for each team? Pay and activate Grade Point System, which allows you to set a different point system for each grade (hence for each team linked to the grade). If not, you can simply use the normal point system.

Screenshot: Point System