• Access the fantasy platform of your Sport on MyClubtap

  • My Games - Login and Search to add games to your favorites list;

  • Lobby - Home of your fantasy games;

  • Cost - Free and Open for all users;

  • Format - Season Long Contest;

  • Salary - $100 million;

  • Team Size - Pick 11 players;

  • Captain - Earns 2 times the points;

  • Vice-Captain - Earns 1.5 times the points;

  • Team Limit - 1 per registered user;

  • Free Trades - 20 free trades per season;

  • Powers - 4 types available for use;

  • Powers - Use 1 power 

  • Duration - Decided by the club/league owner;

  • Help for Users for everything about the game;

  • Help Guides - See articles on the Knowledge Center

  • Need Help? - Raise a ticket or email 


  • Sign Up and Login to get access to all the fantasy games available on MyClubtap;
  • Add game to your favorites list on My Games;

  • Your Lobby is designed to personalize your experience and give you data based on your favorite game only;

  • Games added to your favorite list are available on your favorites filter on the menu bar (next to your profile photo);

  • You can easily switch between your favorite games through your favorites filter;

  • You can edit and change your favorite games at any time by going to 'My Games' page;

  • Set a game on My Games page as your default, so every time you login, you are directly taken to the Lobby of your favorite game.

Screenshot: For Basics & Lobby

My Team - Selecting your starting fantasy 11

  • Pick your own fantasy team of 11 players;
  • Pick a minimum of 3 Bat, 2 AR, 3 Bowl and 1 WK in your team;
  • Total value of your initial team must not exceed $100 million;
  • Select a player as Captain and Vice-Captain from your starting 11;
  • Your Captain earns you 2x times the points;
  • Your Vice-Captain earns you 1.5x times the points;
  • Ensure to click on 'Update Lineup' to save your team (team changes);
  • If your Captain and Vice-Captain do not play during a gameweek, they do not earn any points.
  • Once a game has started, your team salary cap depends on the performance of your players.
  • Once you have picked your team and want to use a Power, hover/click on the power and confirm your action.


  • You get access to 4 Powers (is made available by game owner) to potentially boost the performance of your fantasy team;

  • You can only apply and use one Power in a trading window;

  • You can use each Power up to a maximum of times as listed below;

  • Each Power is only applicable on the points scored by your fantasy team (players) during the upcoming gameweek (lockout period) after the Power has been applied (used) by you;

  • Once the lockout period ends, the Power is deemed to have been used.





Triple Cap


Your captain points are tripled instead of doubled for the upcoming gameweek.



Buy an additional trade by giving up 50 fantasy points from your teams overall points.

12th Man


Pick an extra player for your team for the gameweek, outside of your Team Salary Cap.



Change your entire team without making use of your 20 allocated trades.